Our Team

Every member of the team is carefully selected to reflect our values: talent, passion and professionalism

Founder, Game Director
Federico Gallucci

Expert programmer with knowledge in coding on multiple devices: PC, smartphone, Nintendo Switch and AR/VR headsets.

Founder of Deep Monolith.

Business Development Executive
Andrea Gallucci

I am a passionate believer in the crypto movement and that’s why I decided to quit my corporate job to join a startup that provides a MPC custody solution for digital assets helping to bridge traditional finance with DeFi.

I believe that NFTs will revolutionise different industries including gaming by creating new successful business models and aligning incentives between creators and gamers.

I joined Deep Monolith to be part of this revolution!

Antonino Milici

Sound designer and composer, known as ‘Razonix’ on the web.

Art Director
Elia Aliberti

Graduated at Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata, digital illustrator, concept artist and comic artist. In love with the horror genre.


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